Soltour Travel Partners announced its new identity ‘Travelance’

Soltour Travel Partners announced the birth of its new identity, Travelance. It is a travel hub made up of independent operators of recognized prestige that work closely together to meet the needs of travel agencies.

Travelance is the natural evolution of Soltour Travel Partners and represents the spirit of traveling and discovering the world, where the partners are specialists, as well as the alliance that makes the hub grow.

The purpose of Travelance is to offer high-value travel solutions and alternatives, strengthening the positioning and leadership of travel agencies, fundamental intermediaries in the tourism value chain, according to a press release.

Thus, the members of the innovative project create synergies to develop a complete and competitive offer, making it easier for agencies to book trips from different tour operators, under a single access.

“Travelance is an innovative project in the world of tour operating. With this new step, we want to demonstrate our commitment to independent travel agencies and show ourselves, once again, as the tourism hub created to meet their needs,” said Tomeu Benassar, CEO of Travelance.

“We have been energizing the tourism sector for more than a year through innovation, and facilitating strategic agreements aimed at creating a healthy environment for competition, avoiding the direct acquisition of companies as a means of expansion. The soundness of this innovative project has been demonstrated, and Travelance is one more step in this journey we are committed to travel together,” he said.

The advantages are manifold:

Exclusive loyalty program: This is a Loyalty Club for Travel Agents, whereby with every booking they make through Travelance, they will enjoy exclusive advantages, benefits and rewards such as bonuses, discounts, priority on fam trips, access to special travel offers, etc.

Complete, competitive and differential product portfolio: an extensive product portfolio that offers options that stand out in the market, meet diverse demands and ensure an exceptional travel experience.

Increased profitability: Each booking made through the different partners leads to an increase in profitability for the agencies, thus boosting their growth.

Proximity and support: Travelance has the largest network of accounts in the travel industry, which allows Travelance to be close to the agencies.

Convenience and service for agencies: Facilitating work through a single login and unified access to reservations, streamlining their operations and improving the customer experience.

Guarantees: All operators have extensive experience operating in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, with solid commercial policies of sustainability, in addition to other operational guarantees such as after-sales service, 24/7 service at destination….

Marketing and advertising strategy: Marketing service to all partners, ensuring that they effectively reach our customers and stand out in the competitive market.

Technological innovation: Through collaboration in technological projects, we seek to continuously improve the user experience and the quality of our products and services.

Source: Arecoa

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