Veloz: goal is to reach 100,000 beds in Punta Cana by 2024

The president of the Association of Hotels of the East (Asoleste), Ernesto Veloz, indicated that for the tourist zone of Punta Cana there is a forecast to increase the supply of lodging, as the most important goal for the year 2024, due to the increasing demand of visitors.

“We have 46,000 rooms operating, 3,500 in construction, whose construction should be completed in the course of 2024. Our goal is to reach the top 50 thousand rooms this year, and one room is two beds, so we are talking about having 100 thousand beds,” he said.

100mil Camas Punta CanaHowever, referring to the future of tourism, he said that they are currently engaged in organizing the territory, because “we have to finish the land use plan, which for Punta Cana cannot be postponed, we have to do it, we are doing it and the president is supporting us with the ministries in place”.

He indicated that the important thing now is to have all the services so that the tourist can leave the hotel and interact with others, with the community, because now there is some difficulty for mobility, in the itinerant program, Tourism in Punta Cana.

“We want intercity routes, that the tourist can go out and that he can shop. We already have shopping tourism here, we have two or three interesting malls so that the tourist is not limited to the hotel because the economic flow is limited to the hotel, and what we want is for the community to receive the benefit of the economic flow generated by the tourists”, Veloz pointed out.


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