VOLAVILLE, an innovative project in Miches: turning airplanes into hotels

The 7Palms Group presented VOLAVILLE, the “grandiose” construction project of an airplane hotel with luxury villas in Miches, El Seibo.

This project involves the landing of three airplanes in the mountains of Miches; whose architectural design is in charge of the outstanding architect Carlos Martinez, who has integrated the airplanes to the environment of mountains, beaches and lagoons to provide an unprecedented style of lodging.

VOLAVILLE is expected to transform tourism in the DR, as well as the economy of Miches, and its operations are expected to attract the attention of investors and tourists from around the world.

7Palms is the brand of real estate, residential, commercial and tourism projects in the DR led by Carlos Bernardo Manzano and Carlos Rafael Manzano, the CEO of the group, who together with the entrepreneur, communicator Sergio Carlo, had the vision to innovate with the realization of this exclusive project.

In that sense, the Manzano brothers recounted how this company and this new hotel project was born and how much they have achieved based on a solid formation of values in the Catholic faith, responsibility, honesty, continuous studies, hard work and passion for entrepreneurship.

With 22 years of experience in the real estate and automotive industries, as well as in import and export from Asia, the United States and the Caribbean, they have made an impact in the business world.

The CEOs of the 7Palms group have built a unique business model with the ability to connect multicultural human networks that have led them to consolidate sources of employment in the DR and in more than 10 cities around the world, generating direct benefits to companies, professionals and workers, promoting the local development of the communities around their projects in the Dominican territory.

Source: Arecoa.com


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