World’s personalities congratulate Danilo Medina

Including executives of Organization of American States

The Organization of American States Electoral Observers Mission (MOE/OAS) lauded Dominican Republic’s citizens on Monday for the massive turnout to the polls during the presidential election day.

The observers headed by Uruguay ex president Tabare Vazquez said aside from a few minor incidents which in his view didn’t affect the normal unfolding of the polls, the Dominican people demonstrated their “democratic maturity when expressing their preference through the vote” and for awaiting the Central Electoral Board’s (JCE) results in calm.

The chief executives of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and Puerto Rico’s Luis Fortuño today congratulated the Dominican people and ruling PLD party president elect Danilo Medina for the win victory in Sunday’s elections.

“The victory of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) gives us hope of conserving the dignity and sovereignty for the future of the entire region’s”, the Venezuelan Foreign Relations Ministry said in a statement from Caracas cited by Efe

“President Chavez also wishes to recognize president Leonel Fernandez, who during his mandate has known how to place the Dominican Republic at the center of the region’s integration processes”, it said.

Fortuño congratulated Medina for winning the presidential elections and expect continuing strong ties. “I’m sure the cooperation which we’ve had between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic during these last few years will continue growing”, he said in a statement.

President Joseph Martelly congratulated President elect Danilo Medina Tuesday for winning last Sunday’s elections, becoming the region’s fourth leader to do so.

The Haiti Head of State said his Government and the Haitian people wish the best for the President elect of the Dominican Republic.

Martelly reaffirmed his commitment to maintain and strengthen the good relations between to both countries. “The President of the Republic hopes that the bilateral cooperation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti continues fortifying by means of mutual collaboration for progress and development”.

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