Dominican Republic has 6,000 cars with natural gas

The people have confidence in the system

The Department of Non-conventional Energy of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce placed the sticker that identified the 6,000th vehicle of the Natural Gas fleet of the Dominican Republic, during an activity held in the installations of Lovadom Autogas in the capital.

Salvador Rivas, the director on Non-conventional Energy at the MIC, said as he placed the sticker on the 2012 Ford Escape: “We can be satisfied with the job we have done at the MIC to spread the word on the benefits of the Natural Gas System, above all, we recognize that the vigorous efforts made by Minister Garcia Arevalo have not been in vain, since the Dominican Republic now is on the world map as one of the countries that has installed this system with wide acceptance”.

Likewise, Rivas stressed that the fact that the family that owns the 6,000th vehicle with the Natural Gas sticker, had chosen to install the natural gas system in a new car, which addressed the confidence that people have in the system.

Dominican Republic Live, from DL, 17.05.12, 10.15am

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