A Dominican University in the International Collegiate Programming Contest

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tSanto Domingo Technological Institute

A Dominican Republic university will participate for the first time in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC) world finals, where only 100 teams among the more than 4,000 applicants will classify.

Santo Domingo Technological Institute (INTEC) electronic engineering students Carlos Jose Toribio and Ronald Rey Lovera, and Dennis Federico Castillo, of civil engineering, the from May 14 to 18 in the will compete against teams from across the hemisphere at Warsaw University, Poland.

Team Intec’s strong showing in the Caribbean International Collegiate Programming Competition (ACM-ICPC) finals held November in Cuba’s Informatics Sciences University (UCI) boosted them to the Poland world tourney as one of the region’s representatives.

Teamwork, the analysis of algorithmic problems and the fast development of software are the key in the world competition, for which the students were trained by Santo Domingo Technological Institute engineering systems professors Carlos Joa and ACM-ICPC local director Eligio Cabrera.

The training included participation in preparatory competitions in the areas called “Challenge”, on programming challenges, as well as in heats pitting the teams which classified for the world meet.

Dominican Republic Live, 16.05.12, 3.45pm


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