Mirex follows up on situation in Ecuador to protect Dominicans

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) and the Dominican Embassy in Ecuador informed that they continue to monitor the internal conflict in that country, with the objective of taking the necessary actions to protect Dominicans in that nation.

In addition to this, and in line with what was expressed by President Luis Abinader, the Dominican Foreign Ministry rejects these acts of violence and supports Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa in his work to protect his people and preserve the rule of law and democracy in that sister nation.

The institution pointed out that, so far, it has not been notified of any Dominican affected by the manifestations of violence in the South American country, adding that the diplomatic personnel is working remotely, due to the preventive closing of the embassy.

Likewise, the Dominican embassy in Ecuador made available to the Dominican nationals the contact number of this diplomatic mission +593 02 224 4478 and its email [email protected], and also reiterated the telephone number of the Direction of Protection of Nationals of Mirex 809-987-7001, extensions 7180-7101-7177 and 7597, so that they may request any assistance in order to guarantee their safety.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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