Ministry of Culture issues resolution approving rules for the Annual Dominican Carnival Awards

The Ministry of Culture issued Resolution 01-2024, which approves the bases and opens the call for the Annual Dominican Carnival Awards 2024.

Said call, aimed at all carnavaleros, includes the Felipe Abreu Award for Merit of the Dominican Carnival, the Luis Días Award for Music of the Dominican Carnival and the National Carnival Parade Award.

These annual awards, which are intended to distinguish comparsas, individual characters, musical works and cultural managers who have contributed significantly to Dominican Carnival manifestations, were instituted by Decree 60-23, issued in February 2023.

The Felipe Abreu Award for Merit in the Dominican Carnival remains open from January 5 to 23, 2024.

This recognition, which will be awarded by a selection committee, highlights the trajectory and commitment of those cultural managers who have strengthened the carnival tradition.

On the other hand, the Annual Luis Días Dominican Carnival Music Award seeks to encourage musical creativity. Its call for entries also opened on January 5 and closes on January 23. The awards will be distributed in three categories, recognizing the best unpublished compositions related to the Dominican Carnival.

Likewise, the bases for the National Carnival Parade 2024 were announced, which promote participation and include awards in various categories.

The purpose of the National Carnival Parade 2024 is to promote the development of cultural processes that reinforce the national and cultural identity of Dominicans. Thus, through the carnival manifestations of various regions, it will contribute to the economic development of the country, by integrating the carnival in the production and distribution of cultural goods and services.

Ten categories have been established for the award and evaluation of the proposals, including Traditional Devils, Fantasy, Traditional Comparsa and Popular Creativity, just to mention a few of them, with their particular contributions to the diversity and richness of the Dominican carnival.

The resolution, issued through the Vice-Ministry of Cultural Identity and Citizenship, highlights the importance of promoting and recognizing the diverse cultural manifestations that form an integral part of the national identity, in accordance with the Constitution of the DR and Law 41-00, which created the Ministry of Culture, now a ministerial entity.

With these measures, the Ministry of Culture reaffirms its commitment to the preservation and promotion of the Dominican cultural wealth, through the recognition and encouragement of the outstanding exponents of the Dominican carnival.


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