NEW JERSEY: Dominican Yris Encarnacion to repeat as mayor

Dominican Yris Encarnacion will repeat as mayor of South Hackensack.

The young woman arrived 30 years ago from the DR and made her way, pushing every elbow without faltering, in a very competitive man’s world.

Encarnacion was sworn in again on Jan. 4 as mayor in front of the Bible and with her two children in front of her.

“I believe that if we do the right job, no matter what race you are, morals always come first; whatever the background of the people we must give the best of ourselves,” she said.

Encarnación has known for eight years how the municipality works on the inside and for 30 years how the neighborhood is, so he says he only offers to “continue working for the community. We are always on the lookout for everything. We always have several projects pending, such as repairing streets or organizing activities to integrate the community,” he said quickly amidst greetings and hugs from his friends and dozens of family members who came from New York and New Jersey.



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