U.S.: Dominican leads team that designed Blue Origin’s space rocket

Aerospace engineer Alec José Subero Díaz, who was born and raised in Santo Domingo, DR, leads the team that designed Blue Origin’s space rocket.

After high school, Subero emigrated to the United States to study aerospace engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida.

After the difficulties he faced in mastering the English language while studying, Alec got his first job in the aerospace industry as a technician in a shop building fiberglass and carbon fiber airplanes.

Subero went on to become engineering manager for the first public aerospace agency called Virgin Galactic, and now leads the design of the “New Glenn” space rocket tank for Jeff Bezos-owned space agency Blue Origin.

New Glenn is a giant reusable rocket, which will be used for orbit and for the Moon. In its first stage, this rocket is designed for a minimum of 25 flights. Operating like a commercial airliner (but with cleaner fuel), New Glenn will generate significantly less waste and cost.

Source: Almomento.net

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