New offices for the Directorate of Dominican Culture Abroad

In the coming months, the Ministry of Culture will open new offices of the Directorate of Dominican Culture Abroad in U.S. cities where there are significant communities of Dominicans, such as Patterson, New Jersey, and Lawrence, Massachusetts.

With this initiative, the current administration headed by Minister Milagros German is focused on strengthening transparency and institutionalism in cultural management at the international level, to the benefit of a greater number of Dominicans living in other territories.

Likewise, the creation of this directorate responds to institutional policies aimed at disseminating Dominican culture and promoting the artistic and literary creation of Dominicans living in the United States.

The head of the Directorate of Culture Abroad, Rey Andújar, said that before the end of this year they expect to complete the planned expansion and explained that they are already in the process of identifying the space in Patterson, in collaboration with the Consul General in New Jersey, in order to meet the structural needs of the new office.

The official, who was recently appointed to the post by Minister German, added that in Massachusetts they are working on the identification of space together with the consul general in New England for the opening of an office within the consulate, located in Jamaica Plains, and the creation of a cultural center in Lawrence.

“With this expansion we intend to impact more than 1.4 million registered Dominicans, according to INDEX data. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with the consulate of New England, it is expected to reach 123,379 Dominicans and their families in that region, in addition to the 181,156 Dominicans residing in Pennsylvania,” said Andújar.

It should be recalled that Decree No. 532-22 marked the formalization of the Directorate of Culture Abroad, replacing the Commissioner of Culture in the United States, and established its organizational structure under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, with a first office located in Washington Heights, New York.

Cultural Expansion in New York

The Directorate of Dominican Culture Abroad now operates on the basis of a triangular process, where the foundation is free artistic training for the community, with classes in piano, guitar, theater, painting, lyrical singing, drama, performance and literature.

In the last six months, from April through September 2023, the directorate has carried out more than 200 cultural and community activities, including lectures, plays, financial training courses for artists, awards and film screenings, which have been enjoyed by more than 6,000 Dominicans living in New York City.

“This focus on cultural promotion and support for diaspora artists demonstrates the Ministry of Culture’s commitment to its community abroad,” said Andújar.


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