24 ambassadors are shown foreign investment opportunities

Fight against illicit trade and positioning of the Dominican Republic as a strategic partner

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM), Víctor -Ito- Bisonó, met with 24 ambassadors from different countries in the company of Frank Rainieri, ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta and dean of the Diplomatic Corps, and Julio Brache, president of the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD).

During the meeting, Bisonó presented the results of public policies implemented by the MICM and foreign investment opportunities.

“From the MICM, I thank the 24 ambassadors who attended this call, in which once again we offer details about the strengths of our country as an ideal destination for investment. The government of President Luis Abinader believes in the public-private alliance as a way to create opportunities and in institutionality and respect as key points to generate confidence in investors”, assured the minister.

He emphasized that the work and results of the MICM in this administration are an example of the greatness of teamwork and cooperation for a common good.

“We are ready to offer the best of the Dominican Republic: our people, our culture and, above all, a growing economy backed by a favorable business environment, political, social and economic stability, transparent and efficient processes, and a stable and predictable legal framework,” he said.

He pointed out that the indicators of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic show solid growth with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 4.9%, where 60% of that increase comes from the commercial, industrial and free zone sectors.

This means that the economy has been thriving, which translates into more opportunities and well-being for those who decide to invest in the Dominican Republic.

Foreign Direct Investment

Regarding the Flow of Foreign Direct Investment, he maintained that a total of US$4.01 billion was received in 2022, of which 24% has been specifically earmarked to strengthen the commercial, industrial and free zone sectors.

He explained that this flow of foreign investment is a clear testimony of the confidence that investors place in the Dominican economy and in the potential of the productive sectors.

“During 2022, our country managed to export a significant sum of products valued at more than US$12.39 billion. Among the main products exported were gold, medical instruments and devices, and cigars, among others,” he said.

Fight against illicit trade

Bisonó emphasized to the members of the diplomatic corps present that, in the matter of illicit goods, the government has confronted the fight against this scourge, through the efforts led by the Inter-institutional Bureau of Illicit Goods.

They have seized 84,304 bottles of adulterated alcohol, 101,197 liters of clerene unfit for human consumption and have dismantled 19 clandestine factories.
“The initiatives I have presented so far are just an example of what we are implementing at the national level so that the Dominican Republic continues to position itself as a suitable reference and strategic partner for trade and investment,” said the minister.

Ambassadors present at the meeting

Axel Cabrera Martínez (Chile), Chen Luning (People’s China), Edwin Arias Chinchilla (Costa Rica), Santiago Martínez (Ecuador), Dania Elena Tolentino (El Salvador), Erick Fournier (France), Javier Antonio Zepeda (Guatemala), Ramu Abaagani (India), Daniel Biran (Israel) and Stefano Quirilo (Italy).

Also, Carlos Miguel (Mexico), Mauricio Ramirez (United Nations), Harold Delgado (Nicaragua), Araceli Azuara (Organization of American States-OAS), Enrique Luis (Paraguay), Rita Hammerli (Switzerland), Cristina Carrion (Uruguay) and Hichame Dahane (Morocco).

Source: Diariolibre.com

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