DR and China discuss economic and trade relations

The Dominican Republic and China discussed on Monday the economic situation of both countries, the review of bilateral economic and trade relations, as well as the “benefits” that the Caribbean country offers to eventual investments from the Asian giant.

The meeting also dealt with priority cooperation projects, according to a press release from the Dominican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, noting that the meeting was headed by Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez and Minister of Economy, Pável Isa, and the representative of International Trade Negotiations and vice-minister of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Wang Shouwen.

During the discussions, the Dominican Republic presented various initiatives to increase the presence of Dominican agricultural products in China, and also reviewed key sectors of interest to both parties, such as energy, infrastructure, tourism, agribusiness, technology and sustainable development.

They highlighted the Dominican Government’s priority projects, which present “great opportunities” for international cooperation and attracting investment.

Both countries agreed to continue working closely and constructively to strengthen their economic and commercial ties, promoting a greater exchange of goods and services.

They also expressed their commitment to explore new areas of cooperation and develop joint initiatives to promote economic growth and the well-being of their citizens.

These issues were part of the first meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic, Commercial and Investment Cooperation between the two countries in a “historic meeting”, according to the information.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Alvarez expressed his “satisfaction” for the development of this first meeting, highlighting the importance of strengthening trade and investment ties between the Dominican Republic and China.

He also stressed the commitment of the Dominican Government to foster a favorable environment for foreign investment and promote the increase of Dominican exports to that market, as an “essential” part of Dominican foreign policy.

The Dominican Republic and China established diplomatic relations on May 1, 2018, years after Beijing established a trade office in Santo Domingo.

Source: Eldinero.com

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