DR exports reached US$1,167.6 million in May

Merchandise exports reached US$1,167.6 million during last May, reported Biviana Riveiro, executive director of the Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center (ProDominicana).

She explained that “exports experienced a growth of 8.5%, compared to 2022, and an increase of 26.7% compared to May 2019, a pre-pandemic year.”

“The year 2023 we broke records, as I mentioned, but in the monthly growth of exports of goods from the Dominican Republic, in which there is evidence of a slight but steady slowdown in exports from June 2022, growth that has recovered in May 2023,” Riveiro said at the launch of SAIM, a platform that is a market intelligence that responds to the need for information required by exporters to effectively take advantage of different opportunities to expand their supply of goods.

According to data published on the ProDominicana portal, in the first five months of 2023 total exports reached US$5,116.4 million, for a drop of -1.7% compared to the same period in 2022.

“According to Central Bank records in 2022, our country achieved a historical record in exports of goods, with an amount of 13,776.9 million dollars. However, in the first five months of this year (2023) there has been a slowdown in them, caused mainly by external factors,” Riveiro reported.

And in this sense, he mentioned the invasion of Ukraine, the generalized inflation and a monetary policy of the Central Banks that slow down the purchasing capacity of the nations, among other factors.

He said that “the implementation of the Market Intelligence Alert System (SAIM) allows us to analyze these types of external events in time and position ourselves strategically to make the right decisions in these types of contexts”.

He explained that SAIM “will allow a visible reduction in costs for Dominican products in different international destinations, since it facilitates the exploitation of different business opportunities, with short-term perspectives, which normally go unnoticed”.

Source: almomento.net

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