Pedernales Landmark: will receive its first cruise ship next December

The head of state expressed hope that the athletes will perform well in the competition and predicted that the delegation will come with the most medals, unlike other occasions.

President Luis Abinader presented this Tuesday the national flag to the Dominican delegation that will participate in the XXlV Central American and Caribbean Games, San Salvador 2023, to be held from June 23 to July 8 in San Salvador and which will be hosted by the Dominican Republic.

In a ceremony held at the Ambassadors Hall of the National Palace, the President handed over the tricolor flag.

The central words of the ceremony were given by the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Garibaldy Bautista, who thanked President Luis Abinader for his support to Dominican sports and predicted victory in the competitions in which the athletes will participate.

On his side, the administrative vice-minister of Sports, Franklin De la Mota, said that thanks to the support of the president, this is the largest delegation of the Dominican Republic that will participate in the San Salvador 2023 games.

“Your government has always said that it wants Dominican youth to be fully involved in sports, in education and this is the moment for you young people to raise the Dominican flag with pride,” said De la Mota.

The group that will travel to El Salvador and perform in the country is composed of 680 people, of which 477 are athletes, who will compete in more than 30 disciplines.

In these games, the country will host seven sports, which are: taekwondo, equestrian, racquetball, modern pentathlon, field field hockey, canoeing and skeet shooting.

Of these athletes, there are 205 in the women’s category and 272 in the men’s category. A total of 393 will travel to El Salvador (173 women and 221 men). In Santo Domingo there will be 84 athletes (33 women and 51 men).

The Ministers of the Presidency, Joel Santos, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, and the Secretary General of the COD, Luis Chanlatti, were present, and the Director General of the Public-Private Alliance (DGAPP), Sigmund Freud, assured that December 16 of this year will mark a milestone in the history of Pedernales, because it is the day scheduled for the arrival of the first cruise ship at the Port of Cabo Rojo.

He explained that from that date on, it will be the formal opening of the province as a tourist center at the international level.

Freud said that so far the Dominican State has made an important investment of around 80 or 90 million dollars, and for the remainder of the year it is expected to invest between U$150 to U$200 million dollars more.

He recalled that this investment contemplates the construction of three hotel buildings with 1,600 rooms.

He added that the investments will be boosted with the construction of an airport in the province, the cost of which is estimated between U$70 to U$75 million.

He stated that as work progresses with public investments, they are still looking for partners from the private sector, because the Pedernales project will not be executed exclusively by the Dominican government.

“We are looking for a private partner to invest the capital to complete the first phase, which is around U$1,300 million that will be required for the construction of the remaining six hotels. In addition, I would like to inform that by December the first cruise ships are expected to arrive at the Port of Cabo Rojo, which, by the way, are well advanced in the construction of the Port,” Freud explained.

He highlighted, in the D’Agenda program, the progress of the repair and expansion of the Enriquillo-Pedernales highway, which is expected to be completed before the end of this year.

Port details

1- Four berthing positions
2- A passenger reception center
3- Water park
4- Interactive Zana
5- Recreational area
6- Sunbathing area
7- Commercial area
8- Spa
9- Main restaurant

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