Free Trade Zone and Agricultural Exports January 2024: Positive Performance

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development reports that manufacturing exports from free trade zones and unprocessed agricultural products showed increases of 5.8% and 1.4%, respectively, when compared to January 2023.

Agriculture and Livestock

The report, prepared by the Directorate of Sectoral Economic Analysis of the Vice-Ministry of Economic and Social Analysis, indicates that, in January, agricultural exports (unprocessed agricultural products) registered a value of USD 51.4 million. The inter-annual increase of 1.4% is mainly explained by the increase in the volume of raw tobacco exports to Puerto Rico and Nicaragua, and avocado exports to the United States and the Netherlands.


“The arrival of non-resident foreigners (NRE) stood at 642,995 tourists at the end of January 2024, for an inter-annual increase of 13.1 %, equivalent to 74.4 thousand additional tourists”, points out the Sectoral Panorama Report corresponding to January 2024.

It underlines that, in the referred period, 33.2 % of the ENRs visiting the country were U.S. nationals. Likewise, it states that, in inter-annual terms, the arrival of these tourists increased by 22.0 %.

On the other hand, according to data from the Tourism Intelligence System (Situr), the open hotel occupancy rate increased by 4.4 p.p. with respect to January 2023.


According to the document, real exports from free zones presented an increase of 5.8 %, mainly driven by the increase in the price and volume exported of medical instruments (4.4 p.p.) and knitted shirts (1.4 p.p.) to the United States.


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