World Bank reiterates support for DR’s economic growth

The World Bank reaffirmed its commitment to continue cooperating with the economic growth of the Dominican Republic. The representative of the entity advocates for a pact with the active forces to continue with the processes of institutional modernization.

During the opening ceremony of the “First National Meeting on the Reform and Modernization of the Public Administration”, the representative of the financial entity assured that with the beginning of this process, the institutionalism of the government must be strengthened.

The activity was headed by Vice President Raquel Peña. The World Bank representative emphasized that the Dominican Republic is taking steps to improve digital services.

Institutionalism that according to the vice president, and the Minister of Public Administration, the government has taken actions in 12 key sectors of the state.

Castillo Lugo, highlighted the impact of the implementation of the General Plan for the reform and modernization of the State.


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