Dominican singer and Berklee student, Isa, presents credentials with her recent concert

Dominican singer-songwriter Isa presented her credentials this Thursday with her concert “A falta de” to a full house at the Chao Teatro stage located in an important plaza in Santo Domingo.

Isa is in her final year of her Bachelor of Music Songwriting degree at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and with her music she seeks to be a bridge between cultures and a reflection of the human experience. Her art thrives in the rich and vulnerable fabric of her Hispanic heritage, imbuing her work with a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Excited she expressed how important it is to present herself to her audience with unreleased songs such as, “Chichí”, “Una vez creí” and “A falta de”, as well as performing hits by musical references such as maestro Juan Luis Guerra and the outstanding Colombian singer-songwriter Manuel Medrano.

“I am grateful for the path that brought me here, showing my art is a dream come true, I will continue training and working for music” said the 21 year old artist who shared the stage with her band made up of five musicians.

Isa’s songwriting process is an intimate conversation with the world. She channels her personal experiences, observations and the stories of those around her into meticulously crafted lyrics and musical compositions. Her goal is to transcend language barriers and communicate directly with the heart, evoking a spectrum of emotions to create an empowering environment.

Isa began at a very young age to pursue her dreams, studying in the world of art at the Ballet Academy of Alina Abreu and the Academy of Amaury Sanchez (AFA), participating in competitions in which she won first place in the international program Sábado Gigante, in the segment “Little Giants”, as well as in Estrella Latina.

He has shared the stage with Latin Grammy winners Sergio Vargas, Andres Cepeda and Amaury Gutierez. He is currently in his last year of his Bachelor of Music: Songwriting at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.


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