First monorail cars arrive in Santiago

The Office for the Development of Urban and Interurban Mobility Projects moved the first train composed of four cars for the monorail that will be operating in this city.

The transfer was made from Punta Caucedo to the Santiago Oeste municipal district, where station one of the monorail is located.

The four wagons were transported yesterday from Punta Caucedo, in Boca Chica, along the Duarte highway, then the heavy equipment transporting the part took the North ring road, arriving in Cienfuegos, where the first components of the modern transportation system were finally dropped off.

Before arriving in the country, the train and the cars underwent a process of stationary and moving tests in the city of Kingston, Canada, which guarantees that the subsystems of the train were validated and will be operating in accordance with the standards and protocols defined contractually and by which this type of system is governed internationally.

Engineer Jhael Isa, in charge of the project, explained that these cars will be controlled by means of an advanced control panel, and that this innovative technology will allow the trains not to be operated by a driver, but through the control panel that will be located in one of the monorail stations.

“From now on, the work teams will concentrate on the coupling of these components on the beams on which the train will run,” explained engineer Isa.

In addition, static and dynamic tests will be carried out to guarantee its correct operation.

The project is part of the Trust for the Development of the Mass Transportation System of the DR (FITRAM), which has defined to finish with the reception of all the 15 trains of four cars each that will complement the project by 2025.

The train’s length is 50,474 meters, with a total vehicle width of 3,142 meters and a height of 2,120 meters, and its interior consists of a steel frame and side walls and roof made of aluminum. The train has a capacity of 580 passengers.



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