Marjorie de Sousa shoots film in DR

The film is “Las lloronas”, a comedy about a group of women who own a theater.

Venezuelan actress Marjorie de Sousa is shooting a movie in the Dominican Republic. It is the film Las lloronas, a comedy about a group of women who own a theater, but the owner dies and they are forced to look for money wherever they can.

This is what the actress herself revealed exclusively to People en Español. “And then the option they end up with is that they cry at other people’s wakes and get paid for it,” she added about the plot.

In the feature film, Marjorie de Sousa is accompanied by other renowned telenovela actors from Mexico, including Felicia Mercado, Ana Patricia Rojo and Eleazar Gómez. “This is going to be a very crazy thing,” assures the actress. “The cast is great, there are also Dominican comedians,” she said. Among them, Fausto Mata and Cheddy García.

“That [crying at wakes and getting paid for it] is used a lot in Latin America and in the Dominican Republic,” she adds. “In the film, [the difference] is that a comedy situation is generated,” he concludes.

A few days ago, Marjorie’s ex-partner, Argentine actor Julián Gil was also filming a movie in the Dominican Republic. This time it was “Perdiendo el juicio”, where the actor shared with Dominican TV presenter Clarissa Molina and Venezuelan influencer “Marko”.


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