Breathless Punta Cana celebrates the “Frenzy Fashion Show”

The Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa hotel of the Inclusive Collection chain, part of World of Hyatt, dressed up to celebrate the “Frenzy Fashion Show”, a great event that was part of the activities for the fashion month with the participation of outstanding Dominican designers.

Frenzy Fashion Show is an event that seeks to highlight Dominican designers and their innovative fashion proposals. This initiative complements Inclusive Collection’s commitment to local talent and fashion, in addition to enriching the experience of its guests.

The event, which was held over two days, offered a full program of activities, where designers and renowned stores Milée, Summer4ever, Salitre Swim Wear, Exotic RD presented spectacular pieces, showcasing their creativity.

The show ended with:

Frenzy Fashion Show culminated with the proposals of renowned Dominican designers, known nationally and internationally, such as Giannina Azar, recognized for Frenzy Fashion Showdressing great renowned artists; Leonel Lirio, whose ability to fuse elegance and innovation is unmatched, as well as Manuel Febrillet, who stands out for his avant-garde approach; David Atelier, who has demonstrated his ability to create extraordinary pieces of haute couture and Eddy Rambaldy, with over 30 years of experience and known for his innovative interpretation of contemporary fashion trends.

In that sense, Omar Saavedra, general manager of Breathless Punta Cana, extended his gratitude to all the attendees who joined this memorable experience, as well as to the outstanding designers and participating brands:

“We sincerely appreciate the commitment and dedication shown by the designers in sharing their talent and creativity at our first Frenzy Fashion Show. Their participation has been instrumental in making this event an unforgettable experience and a resounding success.”


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