Integra Foundation arrives in the DR to promote inclusion

Fundación Integra, an organization that works with the labor and social inclusion of people in situations of exclusion and with disabilities, begins operations for the first time outside Spain in the DR.

To present the details of this new stage, the organization held an informative panel, in which the experiences and trajectories that will serve as a model for its adaptation in the country were presented.

It was led by Juan Tomas Díaz, president of Integra DR and included the participation of Ana Botella, executive president of the Integra Foundation in Spain; Carmen Matutes, deputy general manager of the Matutes Group and Ana Muñoz de Dios, general manager of the Integra Foundation in Spain.

Step to a more inclusive society

Juan Tomas Días, expressed that “the arrival of the Integra Foundation represents a significant step towards building a more inclusive and supportive society in the DR. We are committed to working hand in hand with local companies and organizations to provide real opportunities for development and growth for all”.

Fundación IntegraAna Botella added that the Foundation is committed to bringing multiple benefits to the DR, ranging from improving education and community development to empowering youth and promoting social inclusion, thus contributing to the progress and well-being of the country.

The panel was also attended by government representatives and potential partners interested in collaborating to make the foundation’s mission of inclusion a reality in the DR.

Integra DR will focus on providing meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for socially excluded and disabled people in the country.

Through partnerships with local businesses, training and skills development programs, as well as ongoing support to individuals, the foundation aims to empower people to take back control of their lives and actively contribute to society.


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