Appeal filed before the TSE against Public Health resolution on vaccination cards

The Generation of Servants Party (GenS) filed before the Superior Administrative Court an appeal seeking the nullity of Resolution No. 000048, issued on October 8, 2021 by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance of the Dominican Republic, which establishes that the presentation of the vaccination card will be required in public and private places to allow access to people.

The organization also requested a precautionary measure to suspend the application of this resolution.

Accompanied by several members of the legal affairs secretariat of GenS, Carlos Peña, president of this political formation, declared that they decided to go to the courts of the Republic because the resolution of the Ministry of Health lacks legitimacy and is moreover unconstitutional, emphasizing that this is not a fight between pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine, it is a fight for the freedom that has cost us so much.

Carlos Peña called on the Dominican population not to allow the elimination or reduction of their liberties, achieved on the basis of the shedding of much blood by our founding fathers, while he asked the government to be more efficient in public administration, applying measures that convince citizens to get vaccinated, but not by means of obligatory and arbitrary measures.

The file presented by GenS before the TSA indicates that when this resolution refers to the restriction of freedoms and fundamental rights such as physical integrity, freedom of enterprise, freedom of transit, freedom of work, right to education, consumer rights, the right to equality, among others, it goes beyond the field of action of the Ministry of Health and goes to sectors completely different from its own, such as transportation, commerce, education and private enterprise, which evidently exceeds its legally established limits and violates the order of individual freedom of citizens.

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