Check here which AFP is your AFP in Dominican Republic

The Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) are financial companies, generally related to banks, which manage the personal accounts of the affiliates, who are the formal workers who contribute to the social security system.

The AFPs keep 9.97% of the employee’s monthly salary, of which 2.87% comes from the worker and 7.10% from the employer, and are in charge of managing and investing these pension funds, which are accumulated throughout the worker’s productive life.

Law 87-01, which creates the Dominican Social Security System, establishes that the member has the freedom to choose the AFP to manage his individual account, for which he has a term of 90 days from the effective date of the Contributive Regime.

When the worker does not freely choose an AFP, which is very common, he/she is automatically enrolled in the AFP that receives more resources from the company where he/she works or the choice is made randomly.

It is very common for members not to know which AFP manages their funds, much less the amount accumulated.

Check which AFP you are affiliated to
The Superintendence of Pensions (SIPEN) is the entity in charge of observing and controlling the AFPs, as well as protecting the rights and interests of members and beneficiaries of the system. To check which AFP you are affiliated to, you only have to enter its web page and follow the steps below.

Once inside the page, you must access the Services tab and in the Consultations section click on AFP Consultation. Then, a new page will be displayed where you must scroll down. You should see a section called AFP Consultation. Enter your ID number in the box labeled Enter your ID.

Once you have entered the data, you will see a new box with the name Citizen Data, where your Social Security Number (NSS), AFP, Date of last transfer, date of affiliation, affiliation status and date of last contribution are shown.

Check how much money you have in your AFP
In the SIPEN portal you can also review the list of AFPs in the country, a total of 16. Each one has the corresponding contact information.

On your insurer’s website you can look for a section that allows you to check your account statement, or ask by calling the telephone number indicated in the SIPEN database.

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