First lady and SNS deliver refurbished surgical block of the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital

First Lady Raquel Arbaje and the director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, handed over this Friday the renovated surgical block of the Doctor Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, which has a total of eight operating rooms.

The intervention of this area of the health center was necessary after the damage suffered in its operating rooms during last November’s storm and represented an investment of DR 13,996,445.3.

Arbaje thanked the executive director of the SNS, as well as Dr. Mabel Jones, director of the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital and the medical team whose work made possible the refurbishment of this important area of the hospital.

“This is the money of the State, of the people and for the people; that is why I thank you very much for being part of this sustained and committed effort to move forward without pause on the path of caring for the integral health of our children,” said Arbaje.

The honorary president of the Children’s Cabinet announced that other infrastructure improvements will be made at the pediatric center.

Dr. Lama said that health is a fundamental right of all citizens and, therefore, “we are committed to providing quality health services, which guarantees these works with optimal conditions in surgical interventions and efficiency of the hospital for the welfare of infants”.

The head of the SNS also indicated that the block has eight operating rooms, to which doors and bases were restored; surgical sinks and emergency stairs. An operating room condenser, five condenser capacitors, thermostat, handlers, bumpers, mixers, mixers, signs, lighting in operating rooms and corridors, as well as switches and outlets were also replaced.

Likewise, false ceilings were installed, as well as landfill doors, equipment storage and medical lockers, emergency exit and safety firewall, and isolation booths. In addition to installing an epoxy conductive floor, together with the cutting and sealing of cracks, the areas of the pharmacy were divided, where a new space was created for the latter, and eight cabins were built for handlers in surgery rooms, among other works.

During the ceremony, it was announced that in the next few weeks the bidding process for the completion of the Burn Unit at the health center will be launched and a laparoscopic tower will be delivered.

The Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, a national reference center that guarantees comprehensive pediatric care, performed a total of 8,049 surgeries in 2023.

Also, in April 2023, its renovated and expanded Emergency Room was delivered with an investment of almost DR 90 million, with equipped and improved spaces for consultation rooms, triage, treatment, plaster, pharmacy, observation, waiting room, Emergency Room and doctors’ station, among others.

In addition, this health center from August 2020 to date has received from the SNS about DR 44,391,209.99 in equipment, for the strengthening of its service areas.


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