Government launches automatic alert service

The Government, through the National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS), made available to public and private entities an automatic notification service of vulnerabilities and exposure in cyberspace.

The new service, which is offered free of charge, aims to help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity and protect their digital assets to drive a safer, more secure, trusted and resilient cyberspace through timely notifications.

The resource, presented by the National Cyber Incident Response Team (CSIRT-DR), together with the Shadowserver Foundation, is aligned to the Digital Agenda 2030, our National Digital Transformation Strategy.

In this regard, the director of the CNCS, Juan Gabriel Gautreaux, explained that those interested in obtaining the service must subscribe by registering an official and authorized contact of the organization to which they belong and complete a form found at the link

Gautreaux praised the commitment and effort of the CSIRT-DR for the high level of innovation and maturity they have shown in launching the tool.

For his part, the director of the CSIRT-DR, Carlos Leonardo, explained that cybersecurity is a growing concern around the world and that the DR is no exception, so it is important for organizations to stay informed and protected against constantly evolving threats.

About the National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS)

The CNCS an entity attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, dedicated to the protection and defense of critical infrastructure and digital assets of the country, through the CSIRT-DR.

Its mission is to promote cybersecurity and provide technical assistance to public and private organizations.

The Shadowserver Foundation is a non-profit security organization, working together with Internet Service Providers, national governments and National CERTs, to make the Internet safer for all.

Through more than 2,750 sensors around the world, Shadowserver collects vast amounts of data on threats, malicious activity and vulnerabilities, accelerating remediation and helping to achieve a more trusted, secure and resilient cyberspace.


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