Minister of Health highlights that with free medication program for hypertension and diabetes

Dr. Daniel Rivera led the 32nd version of the “Ruta de la Salud; Cambia tu Estilo de Vida” (Health Route; Change your Lifestyle) in the recently inaugurated Arroyo Gurabo Park, where he said that the program for the delivery of medicines and follow-up to patients under the subsidized regime will contribute to increasing the life expectancy of Dominicans, since it guarantees quality drugs and timely follow-up of these diseases.

The official said that the importance of this initiative is that not only will the drugs be supplied, but that patients will be monitored so that they receive their treatment in a timely manner and do not miss treatment.

“We are going to guarantee medicines free of charge and with quality. We want patients to adhere to the treatment, follow up, change to healthier habits to improve their quality of life and thus increase life expectancy” said Rivera.

In addition, he referred to the refurbishment and construction of the Arroyo Gurabo linear park, which represents the improvement of the environment to translate into quality physical and mental health for the entire community, as it invites to exercise and provide recreational activities for children and adolescents.

“This sanitation means that there will be no dengue, salmonella, diarrhea, escherichia coli, and something very important is that it will improve mental health. We will not have depressed people in their homes and their blood pressure will not rise because they will have a place to exercise and not think about problems and in that sense I congratulate the director of the National Drinking Water Institute (Inapa), Wellington Arnaud, for this majestic work,” he said.

The Minister of Health held a meeting with the basketball players of the teams Ensanche Bermudez, Ensanche Ramos, Hoyo Unidos and Múltiple de Rafey, to whom he recommended to stay focused on their purpose and in good health, as it is fundamental for the sport they practice. At the same time, he gave them medals and trophies as a form of motivation for their good performance.

He pointed out that in the province of Santiago the indicators show that 33.2% of the population is hypertensive and 10.4% diabetic, while 75.1% is overweight and obese, so he called to change lifestyles through physical activities and healthy eating, in addition to avoiding excess consumption of alcoholic beverages, salt, sugars and tobacco.

The welcoming remarks were made by the provincial director of Health DPS 1, Dr. Adalberto Peña, who highlighted the work of the Ministry of Health and expressed his gratitude that for the third time the Health Route has been taken to various sectors of Santiago.

Meanwhile, the senator for the province, Engineer Eduardo Estrella, highlighted the investment and the importance given by President Luis Abinader to the health sector and how the Minister of Health has been able to interpret the government’s guidelines to implement appropriate policies and strategies in order to strengthen the health system.

“What we have to value is the welcome of the population because more and more they are becoming aware of what it means to take care of their health. And I value the construction of this park that constitutes a great plan to work on health, since it is cheaper to prevent than to cure”, he expressed.

Dr. Mariana Moreno also intervened, who said that “the health of the family implies the health of everyone; this is what this Health Route promotes: to have healthy habits, essential for everyone, so we welcome this public health initiative”.

In its 32nd version, the Health Route was attended by directors of hospitals belonging to the municipalities of the province, as well as representatives of international organizations such as Roger Montes, from PAHO; personnel from USAID and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The Ruta de la Salud is being held this Friday 12 and Saturday 13 at the Parque Lineal de Arroyo Gurabo, and today they offered a special activity for children with magic acts, entertainment, music and surprises. The activities will continue tomorrow, Saturday, with a rally and the usual community consultations.

This initiative is coordinated by the Directorates of Risk Management and Disaster Attention, together with the Provincial Health Departments; also, the collaboration of the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, the Office of the First Lady, the Essential Medicines Program and Central Logistic Support (Promese/Cal), the National Health Service (SNS), the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa), among other public and private institutions.

Also Martín Acosta, representing PAHO/WHO; Manuel Lora Perelló, regional director of the National Health Service; Manuel Azcona, director of Cibao Central, the National Police, among other authorities and community representatives.

During the day, consultations in the specialties of pediatrics, dentistry, general medicine, gynecology, ophthalmology, as well as electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, mammography, sonomammography, sonography, prostate evaluation and PSA tests, blood typing and SeNaSa carding.

Talks are also given to adolescents, pregnant women and senior citizens on healthy eating, prevention of early pregnancies, road safety education, as well as the delivery of medicines prescribed by the doctor, children’s activities, raffles, sale of agricultural products and medicines, among other services.


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