Government honors Rafael Blanco Canto for his leadership in tourism development

Tourism entrepreneur, Rafael -Papo- Blanco Canto, was recognized by President Luis Abinader and Minister of Tourism, David Collado, for his commendable work and support in the development of Dominican tourism from different positions he has held throughout his career.

The plaque of recognition reads: “Don Rafael-Papo-Blanco for his vision, courage and leadership in the development of tourism centers in the DR. A key player in strengthening the public-private alliance for the benefit of the tourism sector and the country”.

Blanco Canto expressed his gratitude to the Ministry for valuing his trajectory. “To thank the President and the Minister of Tourism for remembering this person, now retired and far from the stage, but who has really dedicated my entire life since I returned from my university studies in Washington to this sector.”

“This is a recognition that is not really deserved by me; it is deserved by all those who have contributed to place the DR as a world-class destination; and it is deserved by all the Dominicans who with their smile, hospitality… have created the great product that we have in the country today. Thank you very much! And I receive this recognition with humility,” he added.

In addition, Blanco Canto said, during the ceremony to announce the performance of tourism last year, that “I am thrilled to receive this recognition, which I did not expect, and I am grateful to the President of the Republic and the Minister of Tourism for having thought of me to grant it, because I only consider myself an instrument of tourism development in this country”.

Meanwhile, Minister Collado said that “we honor the vision, courage and leadership in the development of tourist centers in the country, of our dear Papo Blanco, a great friend of tourism in the DR and promoter of its success and development”.


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