MSP evaluates progress of the campaign “For your health, for your life”

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP), through its Vice-Ministry of Collective Health, held an evaluation workshop to analyze the progress, scope and impact of the campaign “Por tu salud, por tu vida” (For your health, for your life).

The initiative, implemented in various provinces of the country by the Directorate of Support for Health Promotion and Education (Dapes), aims to promote positive changes in behavior and encourage healthy habits in the population.

During the activity, Dr. Miguel A. Bruján, highlighted the importance of promoting behavioral changes and healthy habits for the general wellbeing of the population and said that Dapes has carried out various campaigns aimed at inspiring the population to improve their health, prevent diseases and offer guidance on critical issues such as early teenage pregnancies, violence, consumption of prohibited substances, smoking, among others.

“We are working with these initiatives that seek change, improve health and prevent diseases in our society, but also empower communities and the sectors involved to provide timely and efficient response,” Bruján stressed.

Dr. Yocastia de Jesús, director of Salud Colectiva, highlighted the campaign as part of a comprehensive strategy to promote healthy lifestyles in the population, with a special focus on the wellbeing of children and youth.

“We work to encourage people to create healthy habits, especially to contribute to the well-being of our children and adolescents. The ‘For your health, for your life’ campaign has been essential in this effort that we carry out from the Ministry of Public Health,” said the director.

The strategy, which began in 2021 as a pilot experience, has been successfully implemented in the DPS-San Juan, Puerto Plata and Espaillat. During the workshop, the objectives and tools used in the campaign were reviewed in detail, highlighting its positive impact in the different provinces.

The event also included an analysis of the reach and reception of the campaign by students, teachers and school PTAs. To date, the strategy has involved the promotion of communication pieces on various topics related to the development of young people and children, as well as socialization meetings, talks, discussions, sports and recreational activities.

To follow up on the campaign, a SWOT analysis was carried out during the workshop to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The focal points for health promotion in Puerto Plata, Espaillat, Samaná and San Juan were analyzed with Dapes technical staff in charge of the development and implementation of the campaign.

The evaluation reflects the continued commitment of the Vice-Ministry of Collective Health through its Directorate of Support for Health Promotion and Education (Dapes) to improve the health and wellbeing of the population, especially the younger segments, so the campaign will continue to be implemented in 2024, in the provinces of La Vega and Samaná, as well as in Health Areas V and VI of Greater Santo Domingo.


The Provincial Health Directorates (DPS), in collaboration with the National Health Service, the Ministry of Education and local authorities, are implementing the campaign in 11 schools. In the recently held workshop, actions related to the prevention of teenage pregnancies, good eating habits, healthy lifestyles, prevention of substance abuse, oral health, sexually transmitted diseases, bullying and mistreatment were presented. The campaign has impacted more than 5,000 adolescents and has formed multiplier groups in each school that also reach family members and teachers.


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