Abinader leads XLVI graduation of National Police cadets

President Luis Abinader led the forty-sixth (XLVI) graduation of the National Police “Major General (r) José Félix Rafael Hermida González”, where 57 cadets were promoted to the rank of second lieutenant, of these 13 are female and 44 are male.

After completing their studies, the graduates became graduates in Police Sciences of the “José María Serra” promotion.

The Head of State swore them in and handed the command saber to 54 junior officers who graduated, while the remaining three are scholarship holders in the Republics of Panama and Chile.

The director of the Cadet School, National Police General Rigoberto De Los Santos, highlighted the courage and determination of the new officers, who now have the responsibility not only to fight crime in the physical space, but also in cyberspace, for which they were trained.

In this regard, he thanked President Abinader for the “firm decision to update the police education system, all this convinced that education is the main basis for development and transformation”.

He also recalled the constitutional, legal and institutional obligation of these officers to protect the citizenry, comply with and enforce the laws, maintain and guarantee peace.

The 4th year cadet, Yanna Familia Minaya, Magna Cum Laude, received the Merit for Honor and Merit for Knowledge, among others distinguished; also the 4th year cadet, Domingo Starling Sosa Cuevas; and Jesús Alberto Medina De Olmo, received the Merit for the Gift of Command.

The President was accompanied by the Ministers of Defense, Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa; of Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez; of Higher Education, Franklin García Fermín; the director of the National Police, Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta and the deputy director Juan Hilario Guzmán Badía.

Also, the general commander of the Air Force, Carlos Febrillet Rodríguez; of the Army, Carlos Antonio Fernández Onofre; of the Navy, Agustín Morillo Rodríguez; the vice minister of Defense for Naval and Coastal Affairs, Ramón Gustavo Betances Hernández; the general inspector of the Armed Forces, Miguel Rubio Báez; vice admiral José Manuel Cabrera Ulloa; governor Pura Casilla, among others.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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