Abinader inaugurates new facilities of the Armed Forces Social Security Institute

President Luis Abinader led the inauguration of the new facilities of the Social Security Institute of the Armed Forces (ISSFFAA), which consolidates the effort to improve the quality of life and bring welfare to soldiers and their families.

Major General Celin Rubio Terrero, ERD, Director General of the ISSFFAA, shared his deep satisfaction for the successful completion of these important works, optimizing the services offered and creating an environment conducive to the personal and professional growth of the members of the Armed Forces.

The new building will house a bakery, a modern monitoring center, the mechanics workshops, administrative offices, beauty salon, barbershop and other areas that were refurbished.

“It is indescribable the emotion that fills our being. We have worked without pause or rest because we know that the ISSFFAA is, without any doubt, the institution that guarantees and solvents the welfare of the members of the Armed Forces, and in addition to preserving it we must permanently strengthen it.”

In his emotional words, he added that they have put all their efforts to provide social protection services, assistance and the benefits they are entitled to.

“The ISSFFAA has been advancing and will continue to advance, with God’s favor,” he concluded.

Likewise, since Major General Rubio Terrero took over as director of the institution in August 2022, the services of the primary care center have been expanded, including dentistry, cardiology, emergency, psychology, laboratory and x-ray.

The front part of the movie theater area was also refurbished and a laundry will be opened.

Lunch with the Armed Forces and Air Force General Staff

Afterwards, President Abinader led a lunch with the high command of the Dominican Republic Navy, junior officers and enlisted men, at the Naval Club for Officers.

He then went to the San Isidro Air Base where he held a second lunch with the high command and members of the Air Force.

In both meetings, the President congratulated the officers “for an excellent year of achievements they have made in favor of the Dominican Republic” and reiterated the commitment to continue improving their living conditions and their professionalization.

“We have made improvements, both in the fair income of each of you, we have also made improvements in equipment, but for me it is not enough because there were many years in which we had to have a larger budget to respond to the work you do, with the needs of the ever-increasing challenges that national security imposes on us,” explained President Abinader.

Finally, the head of state invited them to celebrate “that we have advanced, and with the hope that in the coming years we can continue to advance much more”, so that the institutions are at the level that the country requires.

Present at the ceremony were former President Hipólito Mejía; the Minister of Defense, Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa; the Inspector General of the Armed Forces, Miguel Ángel Rubio Báez; the commanders of the Army, Carlos Antonio Fernández Onofre; of the Air Force, Carlos Ramón Febrillet Rodríguez; the director of the National Police, Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta; the president of Coopinfa, Juan José Otaño Jiménez.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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