SNS socializes with hospital directors of the Metropolitan Regional Health Service (SNS)

The National Health Service (SNS) held a meeting this Thursday with the directors of hospitals of the Regional Metropolitan Health Service (SRSM), with the aim of presenting the region’s key indicators.

The socialization was led by the director of the SNS, Dr. Mario Lama, who highlighted the increase in the production of services in the public hospitals of the SRSM, especially in the Directorate of Laboratories and Medical Imaging, which met the goal in 2023 and has maintained a steady growth.

The SRSM hospitals recorded 15, 856, 256 services rendered in 2023.

He also presented a comparative of the SRSM indicators for the years 2019-2023, with the objective of increasing the quality of health services.

The head of the SNS highlighted the hospitals of Boca Chica, for having positive service indicators and reducing its debt to zero.

Ciudad Juan Bosch, for the increase in the provision and improvement of services, as well as the hospitals Ángel Contreras, Darío Contreras, Ignacio Mañón, Vinicio Calventi, Engombe, Los Alcarrizos II, Reynaldo Almánzar, Padre Billini, Hugo Mendoza, Salvador B. Gautier, San Lorenzo de Los Mina, Ney Arias Lora and the Rosa Emilia Sanchez National Cancer Institute (Incart).

The head of the SNS also addressed the subject of indicators: budget execution, increase in services, decrease in debt, maternal and neonatal mortality, among others.

Finally, Lama invited hospital directors to continue working in accordance with Law No. 340-06 on Procurement and Contracting of Goods, Services, Works and Concessions.

During the socialization, Patricia Baez, in charge of the Office of Free Access to Public Information, made the attendees aware of the importance and application of Law 200-04 on Free Access to Public Information.

Alexander Ramirez, Director of Infrastructure and Equipment of the SNS, spoke about the management of the hospitals intervened in the Metropolitan Region. Likewise, Jonathan Perez, in charge of Equipment of that directorate, explained the care involved in the correct maintenance of the equipment, guarantee and training for the proper use of the same.

Yoany Arias, director of Clinical Laboratories and Medical Imaging of the SNS, emphasized that the focus of her department this year 2024 will be to strengthen the blood banks of the Public Network, where there are 11 centers for the collection and transfusion of blood in the Metropolitan region, which in 2023 collected 62,576 units of blood.

Arias also announced that the microbiology laboratories will be strengthened, where there are 15 of this type of area, important for infection control. In order to achieve these objectives, he said that improvement plans, training and constant supervision will be carried out.



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