SNS strengthens services at Robert Reid Cabral Hospital

The National Health Service (SNS) delivered this Monday DR 9,941,767.89 in medical and air conditioning equipment to the Robert Reid Cabral Pediatric Hospital, with the purpose of strengthening the medical care areas.

The children’s health center received four portable secretion aspirators, four rolling surgical aspirators, two 24-tube centrifuges, three newborn cribs, ten plastic racks for 20-30 tubes, a dry electric oven, seven personal laser printers and 35 air conditioners.

In addition, four standard model neonatal incubators, four phototherapy lamps, one neonatal laryngoscope, three binocular microscopes, four adult-pediatric hospital nebulizers, 28 adult-pediatric portable pulse oximeters, one laboratory refrigerator, two orbital rotators, five secretarial chairs, 20 three-position recliners, one three-transducer ultrasound machine, seven computers complete with UPS and five 20-liter plastic boxes with hinged lids were also provided.

During the delivery, the head of the SNS, Dr. Mario Lama, highlighted the commitment of the government of President Luis Abinader to improve the quality of health services in the country. “From the SNS we work to strengthen the infrastructure and equipment of public hospitals, so today we are again in this hospital delivering almost ten million pesos in equipment so that children who demand services in the center receive dignified care,” he said.

Mabel Jones, director of the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital, thanked the SNS for the delivery of this equipment, which will be of great use to the hospital, “This equipment will allow us to provide better care to our patients, especially the most vulnerable”, concluded the doctor.


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