Abinader delivers more than 800 property titles in Guayabal, Azua

President Luis Abinader led this Friday the delivery of more than 800 property titles, covering a total of 1,349 families and which will impact more than 5,000 people in this municipality.

During the ceremony, the governor affirmed that the government works for the people, to make the urgent and necessary changes that will improve the quality of life of Dominicans.

“Here, gentlemen, we are impacting approximately 1,349 families, which translates into more than 5,000 people who will have, as of today, a different future, with their property title, which represents an extraordinary act of justice to which our government is committed,” he said.

The Head of State expressed that they have already delivered titles in this province and said that they will continue to do so throughout the national territory.

“This program has brought titles to almost 50,000 families, which translates to almost 250,000 people and in Azua we will work in Sabana Yegua and in the town of Azua itself, in El Prado and other places in the province, as well as throughout the national territory,” he added.

The governor expressed the joy he feels to be in this type of acts: “I repeat, I am so happy in an activity when I deliver the property titles”.

He pointed out that the more than 800 families that enter here today, simply enter with a possession and leave with a property.

He added that “as of today you know that this property can be left to your family and that you can take a loan to build and improve your house or make an addition to it or for your business”.

In that sense, he said that you can go to the formal bank, not the informal one. “Today I can tell each one of the more than 800 families that receive their titles that their lives have changed and changed for the better,” he said.

The titled homes are distributed in the Arroyo Corozo community and the Guayabal, Las Cojas, Los Taínos and Las Canitas sectors.

President Abinader also said that this is a true act of social justice and the fight against poverty and urged the beneficiaries to take care and protect their titles, because it is their patrimony. “This title is the patrimony that you have to be able to increase it and to be able to also leave it to your family,” he stressed.

“I assure you that this work had not been done before, because the resources that we are investing in each one had not been dedicated,” said President Abinader.

He said that it is a work that, in addition to being invested, is much cheaper than if it were done directly by the citizens and that the government will continue to do so.

He announced in the act the construction of the road linking Constanza and the bridge at the entrance, which will be included in the 2024 budget.

Titling meant a saving of DR 107,920,000.00 for the beneficiaries.

Duarte Méndez Peña, executive director of the Technical Executing Unit for the Titling of State Land, said that the titling meant a saving of 107,920,000 pesos for the beneficiaries, because if they had carried out the work privately, they would have paid a minimum of 80,000 pesos each, an amount which is charged to small plots of land without any geographical complexity.

He also explained that the work carried out by the Technical Executing Unit, together with the General Directorate of National Assets, covered a geographic area of 885,625.38 square meters, in plots 116 and 579 of Cadastral District 02.

He also indicated that the firm conviction of the Government headed by President Luis Abinader Corona, is to improve the lives of all Dominicans.

President Abinader was accompanied by the governor, Grey Pérez; Senator Lía Diaz Santana; the directors of National Assets, Rafael Burgos Gómez; of the National Cadastre, Héctor Pérez Mirambeaux; the deputy administrator of the Agricultural Bank, Juan Rosario; the administrative and financial director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, José Cedeño; of IDECOOP, Franco de los Santos; the advisor to the Executive Branch, Víctor Sánchez.

Also, the deputies, Brenda Ogando and Carlos Ramírez, as well as the mayor of Guayabal, Juan Fernando Meléndez.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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