Agriculture provides 50 million pesos for the rice sector

The Ministry of Agriculture delivered 50 million pesos for the rice sector, which will be used for the purchase of 98 thousand quintals of certified rice seeds.

Minister Limber Cruz explained that this action is aimed at achieving a higher yield per task, better harvests and to prevent producers from using seeds that lower profitability.

He explained that this was precisely one of the axes assumed upon his arrival at the ministry, and said that with certified seeds will stimulate the increase in profit per task and record harvests from the next production cycle.

At the same time, he said, we seek to make local producers more competitive and obtain greater benefits.


Ludovino Espinal, president of the Association of Seed Producers, thanked the government for its investment so that rice production is carried out with quality and certified seeds and urged that this type of measures be maintained.

Santos Paulino, president of the National Council of Plot Holders, indicated that this provision covers the needs of the sector.

He commented that 85 percent of the producers are small farmers of less than 100 tareas, and with this type of seeds they will obtain a greater benefit.

Marcelo Reyes Jorge, president of the National Federation of Rice Producers (Fenarroz), also thanked the minister and the authorities for this aid, which goes directly to the producer and reinforces quality, reduces costs and increases productivity.

The event was attended by authorities, producers, representatives of the factories and the rice sub-sector.


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