Miches is considered the new jewel of Dominican tourism

The president of the Punta Cana Group, Frank Elías Rainieri, highlighted the tourism potential of Miches, indicating that it has become the new jewel of Dominican tourism.

“Miches, along with all the other jewels we have, is the new one because it is the one that is being developed; they already have two hotels under construction and there will be three new ones in the coming months,” he indicated.

Miches, Punta Bergantín and Pedernales are the destinations that the DR will promote at Fitur, as announced by Tourism Minister David Collado.


The businessman congratulated the Tourism Cabinet for reaching the goal of 10 million visitors to the country during the year just ended.

He recalled the construction of the Punta Cana Airport four decades ago, when it handled 5600 passengers and “today we handle millions of people”, he said.

Elías Rainieri highlighted the impact that the arrival of tourists has for the economy, since the growth of the sector contributes to more than 20% of the GDP.

“Every time a foreigner visits us -and last year we received 10 million people-, they are 10 million promoters of our country and our products,” he said.


He agreed with what was expressed by businessman Felipe Vicini, president of Creando Sueños Olímpicos (Creso) about the DR’s potential in sports tourism.

“Tourism is not only sun and beach, there is ecological tourism, health, business, monuments, sports and everything that has to do with people visiting our country,” he said.

He stressed that the DR is a great tourist center and the goal should be to attract 15 or 20 million visitors so that the economy continues to grow and strengthen.

Source: Almomento.net


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