Arajet Airline trains Dominican pilots with Boeing

Arajet made the first delivery of its scholarship program for young Dominican pilots “cadets”; which seeks to offer them the opportunity to have a high level academic preparation to promote the development of local talent in commercial aviation.

The evaluation and selection process consisted of three stages, in which each participant competed by demonstrating their skills and knowledge. The process was attended by 16 participants, who underwent competency interviews, simulator tests and evaluation of theoretical knowledge, where the candidates who will be opting for high standard educational opportunities were pre-selected.

In the preliminary stage, five young people were pre-selected as “cadets”, who were trained by Boeing Company instructors in the “Foundational Course”, which prepares participants in cutting-edge concepts and topics on the complexities and responsibilities associated with aircraft operation.

Finally, Dominican pilots Carlos Martinez and Jose Mauriz were selected for the final “Jetbridge” stage. From December 4 to 18, they were at the Boeing Campus in the city of Miami, thus beginning their career plan that will allow them to become Arajet member captains.

Arajet explained that through the program it seeks to strengthen its team of pilots with purely Dominican collaborators and thus continue contributing to the development of local talent, to promote the growth of the aeronautical sector in the country.


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