Arajet incorporates its seventh aircraft “Lago Enriquillo”

Arajet received its seventh Boeing 737MAX8 aircraft, named “Lago Enriquillo”, at the Las Americas International Airport (AILA), together with the Director General of Internal Taxes, Luis Valdez and the CEO of Aerodom, Mónika Infante.

Valdez praised the great impact that Arajet has had on the economy and the support given by the different state institutions to ensure that the Dominican Republic has a solid national airline industry.

“From President Luis Abinader to each of the officials of this government, we are making the changes that the country needs so that all Dominican airlines can have a better competitive framework and thus the industry can grow and have greater contributions to the economy,” he said.

The airline already has planes called “Jaragua”, “Ojos Indígenas”, “Pico Duarte”, “Valle Nuevo” and “Los Tres Ojos”, with capacity for 185 passengers each, which consume 14% less fuel than any other single-aisle plane in the market, and reduce sonic pollution by 40%.

In that sense, the cabins of each aircraft are designed with the latest Boeing Sky design, which offers a better feeling of space and comfort, which combined with high technology offer greater safety and reliability.

It is recalled that each of the aircraft is named after a protected area of the Dominican Republic, in order to raise awareness and promote the importance of its preservation and at the same time, boost the tourism industry nationwide.


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