Dominican Society of Pediatric Cardiology is Launched

1% of the world’s population of children has congenital heart disease

With a total of 68 registered physicians, the Dominican Society of Pediatric Cardiology was launched this Saturday, which will be presided over by Dr. Mildred Font-Frías and Fernando Rondón, vice-president.

“We are very happy that today we have the launching of our Dominican Society of Pediatric Cardiology,” said the physician, pointing out that the institution will work on prevention and will watch over the cardiovascular health of children.

Font-Frías explained that from before birth, when the baby’s heart is formed inside the mother’s belly, congenital anomalies can occur and these children can be born with heart disease, which, if not detected in time, may not survive or may generate health problems in adulthood.

“One percent of the world’s population of children has congenital heart disease, and we (Dominican Republic) are no exception,” she added.

The pediatric cardiologist recalled that cardiovascular evaluation is part of the comprehensive checkup that every child should undergo.

“Just as the mother takes the child to the pediatrician for a weight, height and nutrition checkup, the heart is part of the child’s overall health,” she added.

Font-Frías indicated that renowned physicians such as the president of the Dominican Medical Association, Waldo Ariel Suero, and the director of the Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital, Dhamelisse Then, are part of the new institution.

For her part, Maria Hilario, representative of the society in the eastern part of the country, warned about the warning signs that could indicate that a baby is suffering from congenital heart disease.

“Tiredness when feeding, sweating on the forehead, rapid breathing, poor weight gain, may be of the symptoms that can alert that there is a cardiovascular problem with that child,” revealed the specialist.



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