Government makes significant progress

The Minister of Finance, Jochi Vicente, informed this Monday that in the last three years the country improved in the six governance indicators of the World Bank (WB): control of corruption, rule of law, voice and responsibility, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, political stability and absence of violence.

Vicente highlighted that when the current government, headed by President Luis Abinader, took over the management of the State it found the corruption control indicator at the 23.3 percentile and last year, after the improvements and changes implemented, this stood at 37.3.

“Since 2019, only one nation in the world (Angola) has registered a greater improvement than our country in the attack on corruption. The years 1996 and 2002 are the only ones to record a better level than the one reached in 2022”,he highlighted.

Similarly, the official pointed out that in the Government Effectiveness indicator there was also an important advance, going from the 38.1 percentile to 50.0, in the last three years, a progress that was only surpassed by four countries.

“In the Rule of Law indicator, we are in the 50.5 percentile, for an improvement of 7.14 percentage points, with respect to 2019, and the political stability and absence of violence indicator presents an advance of 8.02,” he added.

Likewise, the head of public finances stated that the regulatory quality indicator advanced 1.39 percentage points in the current government administration. Meanwhile, the voice and accountability indicator increased by 4.83 percentage points, reversing the downward trend that had been registered since 2012.

These indicators, prepared by the WB, contribute to the country increasing its credit profile and continuing to advance towards the goal of being Investment Grade, which has a direct impact on public finances and the national economy.

“Improvements in institutional aspects, by their nature, move slowly, but we are demonstrating that with will, anything is possible. These advances are extremely important for our goal of obtaining Investment Grade”, Vicente pointed out.


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