President Abinader highlights Caasd’s achievements

President Luis Abinader highlighted the works executed by the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (Caasd) for the benefit of the population of the province and the National District, during the administration of engineer Felipe Suberví (Fellito).

The president, in his last accountability before the National Assembly, detailed that at the end of 2023, Caasd increased 86 million gallons more, increasing its production of drinking water to 470 million gallons per day, thus reaching a record figure in the history of the state entity. He indicated that dozens of localities were favored with the precious liquid through pipes for the first time.

“The increase in production marks a milestone in the history of Caasd. These efforts have made it possible to exceed the already established parameters, with the responsibility to raise the health levels of our people. This institution has brought water for the first time through pipes to more than 70 communities of Greater Santo Domingo, impacting more than 500,000 inhabitants of this great province”, explained the head of government.

Likewise, among the infrastructures executed, he pointed out the rehabilitation of the Barrera de Salinidad aqueduct, highlighting that it recovered, in its first phase, the production of water of 4 cubic meters (m³) and in its second phase it will reach 6 m³, in order to benefit more than 1.8 million inhabitants of the municipalities of Santo Domingo East and Santo Domingo North.

Likewise, the President of the Republic announced that the aqueduct of the municipality of San Antonio de Guerra is in the completion phase, while the system of La Cuaba, in Pedro Brand, is in the Procurement and Contracting portal for bidding.

“With these works, the production of potable water will be significantly increased,” he said.

President Abinader cited the work carried out by the Corporation in the intervention of 42 kilometers of ravines, work that he described as having a great impact for the hundreds of thousands of families in the different localities that make up Greater Santo Domingo.

“To date, 14.5 kilometers have been delivered, 11 kilometers are to be delivered in the next few days and 17 kilometers before the end of the four-year term, whose works are in progress,” he said.

In this regard, he affirmed that Guajimía, one of the most polluting in Santo Domingo Oeste, is among the canyons in the process of being cleaned up. He specified that the first phase included the construction and delivery of 200 apartments for an equal number of families. He highlighted the delivery of Cristo Park, an environmental space built on top of a cleaned up tributary. He also referred to the new Sabana Park. He emphasized that both works benefit more than 400,000 inhabitants of the surrounding area.

In addition, during his speech, the president listed the works carried out by Caasd in order to achieve the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants, among which Prados de San Luis and Hainamosa were highlighted, while specifying that both infrastructures transformed the lives of more than 200,000 people of Santo Domingo East.

President Abinader said that the institution worked on the replacement of more than 108,305 linear meters of piping, built 12,720 connections and laid 29,606 m² of asphalt in addition to another 42,394 m² already laid, for a total of 72,000 square meters in the last three years.


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