President Abinader inaugurates Las Carreras Avenue Overpass

President Luis Abinader inaugurated the restoration of the Las Carreras Avenue overpass and collateral works in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros.

This project aims to improve the environment and ensure safe traffic for residents and visitors.

The project includes the construction of the retaining wall of the Las Carreras Avenue overpass, as well as collateral works for the maintenance of the road and improvement of the environment.

Geologist Osiris De León emphasized the significant change in engineering criteria under the leadership of President Luis Abinader and the Ministry of Public Works.

De León assured that the work, designed as a bunker to resist the maximum thrusts of the soil and the maximum seismic thrusts in case of an earthquake, is a clear example of the new standards applied in the current administration.

“Today we are delivering a work that meets the highest engineering criteria, guaranteeing an effective response, even in the worst climatic or seismic scenario. Every citizen who passes through this pass can be completely sure that nothing negative will happen to them and their families,” said De León.

The geologist expressed his appreciation for the new engineering approach implemented by Luis Abinader’s presidency and the Ministry of Public Works.

The work is configured on a base of piles that extend beyond the soft soil, ensuring a resistant and durable structure.


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