“The multiplier effect of tourism is leading the country to grow”

Banco Popular Dominicano’s senior executive vice president of national and international business, René Grullón, pointed out that investment goes beyond tourism. “The value chain creates the multiplier effect that is what is leading the country to growth.”

He explained that the U$s 1,350 million they already have registered in tourism investment for the Dominican Republic are from clients with great interest in respecting natural resources.

“The interest to continue investing in the Dominican Republic is incredible. I was with a chain, where they are buying a new lot, which is very rare because they don’t show up much anymore. They are in the process of closing,” he said.

He indicated that they are working to encourage clients to count on the bank and on the country, “to count on political and social stability, which is what gives them the security, legal security so that they can continue investing, that is what we are trying to do”.

Likewise, he emphasized that the new investors do not lose sight of the respect for natural resources. “They are conscious clients, the issue of sustainability is on the tip of most companies’ tongues.”

Source: Arecoa.com


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