Iberostar Hotels launches second version of My Room Suite

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts launched a second version of My Room Suite, an initiative that has its origins in its first version in 2010, with a clear vocation to improve the experience of its customers in the room selection and booking process.

The advanced service features 3D maps available in the main hotels in Europe and America, providing details of the rooms through 360º images and highlighting the points of interest of each hotel, setting a new benchmark in personalization and comfort with an immersive experience.

The new web booking system offers a product that responds in real time to customer inquiries and generates automatic assignments in the hotel’s PMS. In short, it is a backoffice that allows each hotel to adjust room by room the allocation capacity to be more efficient in its resources and boost sales.

The initiative arose from the need of the Mallorcan hotel chain to offer its customers an enriched experience that, in addition, was to solve a historical demand, especially from repeat customers, to be able to have their preferred room.

Iberostar decided to create a 3D digital representation of the hotel on which the room could be chosen once the customer had made the reservation.

With the experience accumulated over the years, the service covers three key phases of the customer journey from the first visit to Iberostar.com until arrival at the hotel: Explore My Room, where customers can explore the details of the hotel from the specific page of each hotel, Book My Room where customers select and confirm the reservation of their ideal room, and Select My Room to select the room prior to arrival and once purchased also facilitates the purchase of a higher level room.

The impact of this new service has been significant: 14% of customers choose to access the hotel map, with the map being a secondary access in the first step of the web booking process.

The interactive map experience has improved conversion as 19% of bookings have been made through Book My Room.

On the other hand, bookings made through Book My Room also show a higher average ticket +10%, observing a longer duration (LOS) and a slight uptick in average daily rate (ADR). This suggests that the use of the map is more prevalent in more complex bookings and among repeat customers.

As evidence of the improvement brought by the service, the overall conversion of hotels with Book My Room is +15% higher, compared to hotels that do not have it available.

Ignacio Ochoa, global director of E-Commerce & Online Marketing at Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, highlights that ‘the success of this tool lies in customer experience and satisfaction. This new automated system guarantees the ideal room for each client, improving the quality of their stay and strengthening loyalty to the hotel’s own sales channel. The NPS resulting from the surveys conducted on the booking process, shows an improvement of +3 points in customers who used Book My Room’.

Source: Arecoa.com

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