Eddy Herrera: “Libre is an album that travels through bachata, merengue and ballad”

“Libre”, the most recent album by Eddy Herrera, with which he aspires to repeat with a Latin Grammy statuette, is a musical journey with which he takes the public through bachata, merengue and ballad.

Of his new album, which is already available on all digital platforms, he has already advanced several songs, he said he took advantage of the most difficult days of the pandemic that caused the COVID-19.

Defending the concept of “Libre”, the 16th album of his 37-year career, he revealed that he feels very satisfied.

“Despite what has happened with the pandemic, I feel very happy because thank God I have not stopped working for the project. Since our Latin Grammy award last November, we started working on this new project,” he recalled.

With agenda in hand, he managed to fulfill his work plan. So much so that he has already registered this new recording material with the Latin Recording Academy, which includes 11 compositions.

“We had to register it before May 15 and we did it on time. Libre’, the album’s title, is a song I wrote while I was in confinement. I made an arrangement and later I gave it to Juan Daniel Montero, one of my musicians, so that he could make a second arrangement option. I wrote that song at the moment when the reopening of entertainment was announced last year, I got excited thinking about what it would be like to return to theaters and to resume normal life”.

Eight merengues, two ballads and a bachata. “Mi forma de amar”, together with Daniel Santacruz, “Ojalá que no te duela” and “Libre”, are the songs she has promoted.

“I also have Miriam Cruz and La Materialista as guests, as well as Frank Reyes in the interpretation of ‘Por última vez’,” he said.

The new modality

In the past, artists used to take between three and six months to release new songs, this, of course, depended on their acceptance in the market.

Today there are new rules, which have been imposed by digital platforms and the pressure of the urban movement, whose exponents renew their repertoire very frequently.

For an artist who is already celebrating his 37 years in the art, it is a challenge to make the transition to this time in terms of the modality for the promotion of his career.

“It has been a very difficult process because I, until a year and a half ago, it took me up to 5 months to a theme because it worked mostly radio and then social networks. Radio is still preponderant, but everything changed with social networks. For example, Camilo spends a month on the radio every month, Dominicans alike, and they post it on social networks”, he added.

He commented that if “Ojalá que no te duela” has a big hit, he will leave it until he understands he must release another one. “For us, three months is too little”.

The reopening

The artists were hit by the coronavirus not only with the death of well-known show business figures, but also with the closing of theaters.

Eddy Herrera is waiting for the reopening to be announced here, however, he has already been entertaining private dances and has dates to travel to the city of Miami, United States, where the festivities have already begun.

“I had many commitments in Colombia, but everything has been moved to other dates because the social conflicts that are occurring there do not allow us to visit a place as dear as that. Colombia is very complicated and the truth is that it is very unfortunate that they are going through that situation,” he said.

At the end of this month and for the months of June and July he already has commitments in Miami. “In our country we have begun to reopen gradually. Now if the president says that we are ready to return, I am sure that people are going to work as never before, because people are crazy about going to discos”.

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