National Solidarity Volunteering Award

The National Solidarity Volunteerism Award is a recognition whose delivery is coordinated by the National Center for the Promotion and Development of Non-Profit Associations (Casfl) of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, to highlight the work of volunteers in the Dominican Republic, who contribute to the mitigation of various social challenges.

The eleventh edition of this award will take place on December 5, 2023 at the National Theater and, as part of the preparations, the Ministry of Economy and journalist Lounelsi Mateo, of the Cibao Association of Savings and Loans, toured the province of Santiago and Greater Santo Domingo, to visit previous winners of the Great Solidarity Volunteering Award and learn about the impact that this award has had on their altruistic activities.

“It is a satisfaction to know that something that one does without interest and that one thinks is invisible, turns out to be something that for society and the State is visible and recognizes it,” said Olga Noboa, of the Red de Misericordia Foundation, located in Santiago.

Similarly, Renny Khoury de Espaillat, president of Hospicio San Vicente de Paúl de Santiago, highlights how the work of this organization, which houses 78 elderly people, has been redoubled after receiving this recognition.

In Santo Domingo, the winners of the Solidarity Volunteering Grand Prize for 2021 and 2020, Ginny Heinsen, of the 3RS Sustainability Foundation, and Dr. Félix Cruz Jiminián, of the Cruz Jiminián Foundation, value the importance of their areas being recognized for their work on nature and human health, as well as the value of solidarity.

“It is a great impression to see you in that room receiving this tremendous recognition to solidarity, it is a commitment to improve what we have done”, said Dr. Cruz Jiminián in his office in his clinic, located in the Cristo Rey sector, from where he manages his altruism work.

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