The recycling ship “Plastic odyssey” will arrive in the DR in September

Plastic Odyssey is a boat aimed at recycling and reducing plastic waste that travels to different countries in search of mitigating pollution in the world’s oceans.

With the support of volunteers, on each trip it aims to create and develop “simple and accessible solutions” to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

On this occasion, it will arrive in the Dominican Republic for a week, from September 4 to 8. However, the destination where it will disembark has not yet been confirmed.

The project provides Dominicans the opportunity to apply as volunteers, translators or as support, in case they have a business that is also dedicated to recycling.


This vessel is a former oceanographic research vessel that “has become a full-size demonstration tool for testing and improving tomorrow’s solutions.”

Since October 1, 2022 and for 3 years, the team of explorers has been traveling the world to discover, reference and share concrete solutions to overcome the plastic waste crisis.

They have been to places such as Martinique (where they are currently), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Brazil, Cape Verde, Dakar, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru, among other destinations.

The ship has recycling machines and a mobile laboratory, which is a remote field station for researchers, engineers and scientists, in addition to conducting a technical-socioeconomic inventory of the contamination at each site.

With more than 200 square meters of technical space and a carrying capacity of about 20 tons of material, the ship houses about fifteen technologies to test in the most remote areas. One of its missions is to document proven solutions to address them.


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