There are still virgin beaches in the Caribbean

For many years, the dream destination of a great majority of Spaniards has been the Caribbean. Enjoying paradisiacal beaches and a dream environment while a simple bracelet is able to open the doors to endless advantages at the edge of pools surrounded by lush palm trees. Even today it still is, but although in recent decades this privileged corner of the Atlantic Ocean has become more popular receiving thousands of visitors each year, there are still areas that are away from the more mass tourism and seek to preserve its true essence and the customs of its people.

That is why we dare to say that there are many Caribs, but the one we are looking for can be found in the Dominican Republic, specifically in Samaná. This rugged peninsula, located in the northeastern part of the island of Hispaniola, a territory shared by the sovereign states of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, fulfills everything we expect when we think of a dream vacation. Kilometers of pristine beaches, authentic villages full of life, wild nature, hotels where we would want to stay and many activities with which to discover the area and soak up the relaxed Samanese lifestyle.

Organizing the trip from Spain is very easy if you let yourself be advised by real experts. Soltour is the only tour operator with a direct flight from Madrid -they offer complete packages from 995 euros- and they are also specialists in organizing one hundred percent authentic experiences to get to know the real Caribbean. Don’t think twice and read on because we are going to list the many reasons why your trip will be memorable, we assure you that you won’t regret it!

The most beautiful beaches in the world

Yes, Samana boasts some of the most spectacular beaches on the planet, and it’s true! That is why it is essential to organize excursions to get to know them. A very good option is to start with El Rincón. They say it is the most beautiful in the Caribbean and they are not lacking in reasons. It perfectly fulfills the ‘paradise combo’: kilometers of white sand, turquoise water and stylized palm trees that seem to want to caress the sea with their leaves. Nearby you will also find the Caño Frío stream. Be sure to dive into its transparent waters. It is the favorite remedy of the locals when it comes to combat the high temperatures and humidity.

But there is beach life beyond El Rincón. Other beaches such as Las Galeras, Punta Bonita, Morón or the romantic Playa del Amor are simply spectacular. Moreover, we are not exaggerating if we tell you that you will find them practically empty. Stroll under palm trees and swim among coral reefs. Enjoy them as you prefer, and don’t forget that in these beaches the sunsets are more than assured. So spread out your towel, put on some protection, have a good piña colada and get ready to escape from the world. You are in the perfect place for it.

The most authentic Samana

Although not everything has to be beaches and palm trees. A very good option to fall in love with the authentic Samaná is to rent buggies with which you can tour the different villages, go through tropical fruit plantations, visit a tobacco factory or go to the always lively municipal market of Santa Bárbara de Samaná. There you can buy mangos, papayas and guineos -our bananas- among many other local products, and see how the inhabitants of this privileged tropical environment live.

A highly recommended adventure is the one that will take you to the famous El Limón waterfall. A spectacular waterfall with a drop of more than 40 meters that forms one of the most beautiful images of the Samana peninsula. Its multiple water outlets and lagoon are a spectacle. If you are adventurous, this will be your best plan. There are many plans, and for all tastes. Do not worry when it comes to organizing them, Soltour will be there to give you a hand so that you can give yourself to the only thing that matters: enjoy.

But you should also leave time to stroll along Santa Barbara’s famous boardwalk, from where you can contemplate the imposing wrought-iron bridges that connect the different keys. Here it is essential to sit on any of the lively terraces, where Caribbean rhythms sound non-stop, and order the popular mamajuana, a liqueur made from rum, red wine and honey. And if you get hungry, be sure to try some of the typical dishes of Dominican cuisine such as fish with coconut, lambí with vinaigrette, shrimp with garlic or pica pollo with guineo.

Los Haitises, a unique setting

Samaná Bay has one of the largest environments in which nature is the absolute protagonist. A group of islets, hills and hummocks full of vegetation that make up the Natural Park of Los Haitises. The former refuge of corsairs and pirates is today the green lung of the Dominican Republic. An authentic protected natural spectacle that is well worth a visit. Located in the sub-bay of San Lorenzo, to reach it it is essential to organize a boat trip to explore the area in depth.

Its rugged islets – where pelicans, herons and earwigs fly overhead – as well as its wild vegetation and untamed beaches, will remind you of a certain movie franchise in which dinosaurs roam free. We are talking about impressive natural formations, which we will conquer from the ship, such as the famous Cayo de los Pájaros with its caves and grottos, where the first settlers of this beautiful tropical region settled. Not everything can be observed from the deck, as you can also kayak through the mangroves.

Humpback whale sanctuary

The Dominican bay is also known worldwide for being one of the best places to watch humpback whales. Every year, nearly 4,000 cetaceans arrive in these warm tropical waters in search of a quiet area where they can reproduce. Thus, during the breeding months -the first months of the year, January, February and March- it is very easy to watch these incredible animals swimming freely and interacting with each other.

From the Santa Bárbara de Samaná seawall to the Punta Balandra observatory, in the same bay, boats leave every day and you can get on board and watch this beautiful spectacle. Although if what you really want is to go deeper into the world of cetology, the best thing to do is to visit the Whale Museum to learn other curiosities about these marine species and contemplate, among other things, the skeleton of a huge humpback whale.

Dream Hotels

When it comes to choosing where to stay in Samana, there are many options. Soltour manages some of the most incredible hotels on the island, so the options can be very varied depending on the type of vacation you want to live.

For a family vacation and to enjoy a unique paradisiacal environment, with massages in the spa or yoga on the beach, a very good option is Bahía Príncipe Grand El Portillo. This elegant colonial-style establishment will make you fall even more in love with the most authentic Caribbean. Located on the beach of the same name -the longest in the area- and surrounded by tropical vegetation, it also has a coral reef that is perfect for diving. The sunsets from its sun loungers on the beach are simply spectacular.

But if, on the other hand, you prefer a sophisticated adults-only resort where your only mission is to dive into a spectacular pool surrounded by Balinese beds and where there is no lack of fun, then your choice is clear: Viva Wyndham V Samaná. Warning: in this hotel any corner is highly photographable. In addition, its location, in the lively area of Las Terrenas – where there is no shortage of stores, bars and charming restaurants – makes it the perfect hotel to let yourself be carried away by the effervescent rhythm of Caribbean life.

The goal is that once you have chosen among the many proposals, you don’t have to worry about anything and all you have to do is find the right palm tree to take the perfect selfie, relax on a sun lounger to the sound of a bachata by Romeo Santos and make sure your glass of Dominican rum is always full. You’ve come to enjoy yourself, right? Happy Caribbean.


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