Investment in medical tourism increases

The Dominican Republic’s bid to diversify from the traditional sun and beach goes beyond the Cabo Rojo tourism project in Pedernales. Health tourism allows foreign exchange income due to the fact that tourists demand personalized services and greater investments are made in the construction of infrastructures of hospital centers and shelters.

This is demonstrated by the fact that investment in the medical tourism sector amounts to DR$12 billion, according to the director of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), Alejandro Cambiaso. “Investments are high due to the construction of infrastructure for hospital centers and wellness places, but foreigners demand the services of dentistry, plastic surgeries, cardiovascular and oncology treatments and executive check-ups,” he explained.

The executive highlighted that the Dominican Republic’s location in the Caribbean is strategic due to the offer of high quality services at competitive prices. “The 26 million people who travel for this concept are looking for destinations that offer services with quality and price,” he said.

According to data from the Medical Tourism Association (ATM), this line of the travel industry mobilizes US$100,000 million each year and represents 2.5% of air travel.

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) registers 4,879,656 tourists between January-July 2023, 13.9% more than the 4,282,209 of the same period of 2022. In absolute terms it means a difference of 597,447. “Foreigners and absent Dominicans love to come for cosmetic procedures,” Cambiaso said during the program “Tonight with Marisela”, broadcast on Channel 9.


“What allowed us to be the first destination with the best post-covid recovery was managing the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases, the vaccination program and the medical centers that did a commendable job,” Cambiaso assured.

“The Dominican Republic is the leading medical tourism destination in the Caribbean and stands out in Latin America and the world,” said the entity’s vice-president, Amelia Reyes Mora. The executive highlighted that with 41 criteria and three main dimensions that include the attractiveness of the destination, the quality and safety of these services, “they will provide a patient experience, in addition to the fact that the country enjoys costs, reputation and culture in this travel segment”.


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