“I will work to continue to take DR tourism to the top”

Aguie Lendor, executive vice-president of Asonahores, indicated that the entity’s purpose for the coming year 2024 is to focus on several areas, such as: air connectivity, greater legal security, sustainability, education and the integration of women in the tourism sector.

Lendor explained to arecoa.com that they will also focus on training with the objective of strengthening the internal team of that tourism guild, “we have a good team, improving much more is one of our priorities, as well as strengthening relationships with our partners and continuing to work with the other sectors of the tourism industry”.

“We have worked very well on sun and beach tourism, adventure tourism, but we must focus on other segments that are extremely important (health, city, historical and religious tourism), diversification and support from the sector is key to continue strengthening ourselves, we have a lot to offer tourists,” he added.

Referring to her new role in the country’s largest tourism association, the executive indicated that “I feel a lot of responsibility in assuming the position in Asonahores because it is no secret that tourism is the pillar of the economy in the Dominican Republic, in that sense I will work to continue giving the best for the sector and above all to continue taking the country to the top,” she said.

Regarding the end of the year in terms of occupancy, the executive said that “hotels are always filled to 100% for the Christmas holidays, at this moment we continue with the same occupancy level of 85%, as long as the industry continues to grow occupancy will continue to be good”.

Source: Arecoa

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